Windows vs Linux

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Windows and Linux

If you are a windows user, probably you heard about linux. It is a different OS that anyone can get for free and everyone can edit the code. This article is more for windows users, because if you use linux probably you are a programmer and you already know those things. But keep reading, maybe there is something you didn’t know.

So.. what is linux?

Linux is a free and open-source operating system written in C and assembly. It’s a little bit hard, because it requires some programming knowledge, but it’s worth it. The most used version is Ubuntu ( A penguin ). There are a lot of other linux versions( or linux distributions ) and the most used are LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora.
This OS is very secured because it has less users than windows, so your pc/laptop will be more healthy. It runs faster, and the UI looks very nice. For advanced users, linux has a place where you can change any code from this OS, named terminal. It’s like windows CMD but more advanced.
Because there are a few developers for this platform, you won’t be able to play a lot of games on linux. For now, steam is trying to come with an os based on linux that will run its games, but we will have to wait more time.


What is windows?

I think anyone knows the old OS that microsoft made for us. It has many versions like windows 7, 8 ,10 and it can handle any game if you have a good pc/laptop.  Probably you run it right now. It’s very easy to use, there are a lot of good parts, but the price for it is high and people located in poor countries can’t buy it so easy. Another disavantage is that you can’t see the source code, so you have to trust Microsoft.


What should you choose?

If you are a gamer, definitely windows.

If you do casual things like browsing, talking to friends etc, you should choose linux. Especially Ubuntu. It’s free and easy to use.

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